Why We Are In Love With Renault Trafic Key Replacement (And You Should Also!)

Replacement Key For Renault Clio

Renault cars come with an immobiliser system that is extremely complicated. If you lose only one key most people assume the only option is to contact an Renault dealer who will order an exchange from France.

We offer a more affordable and quicker alternative. We keep all Renault keys and cards in stock so we are able to provide you with a replacement replacement within one hour of your phone call.

Keys with chips Keys

If your Renault has transponder chips, it will only start with the correct key. This helps prevent theft of your car by stopping the engine from starting if an incorrect key is used.

The chip is equipped with a serial number that matches with the one that is stored in your car’s computer system. When you insert the new ignition key into the ignition it sends a message to the immobiliser which then checks if the code on your chip matches with the one in the system. If the match is successful, the car will allow fuel to flow or activate the starter motor.

If the key is unable to send an appropriate match, or is not recognized by the immobiliser, the car will stop starting and enter a safety lockout mode. It typically takes between three and four minutes. When this happens, you will not be able to drive your vehicle and will need a new key.

You’ll have to contact your local auto locksmith in order to obtain a new key. They will be able to identify the cut needed for your specific vehicle. Once they’ve identified these cuts, they can then create a duplicate copy of your key. They can also programme the new key into your car so that it begins.

Key Cards

Renault key cards appear different to chipped keys but work in the same way. The card is inserted into the dash panel car reader and when the key button is pressed, it will unlock the car and when the engine button is activated, it will start the vehicle. renault clio car key can be encoded so that you have access to specific areas within the building. This will stop anyone else from driving your car or entering certain areas of your office.

These keys can be problematic since the plastic card could become damaged over time, or the internal mechanisms can flex or break. If this happens you will see a message on your dash screen that reads “card not detected” or sometimes just an empty screen. This is a sign that the card has failed and needs to be replaced.

We have these cards in stock and can cut and program a new Renault key at workplace or at home. Using laptop based software we can connect to your car and transfer the transponder’s code from your current key to the new. This will spare you the hassle of having to wait at a Renault main dealer to order the replacement key from France. This could be a long process, and in certain cases may leave you without an automobile for up to a week.

Key Fobs

Key fobs of today offer more functions than the simple lock and unlock commands. Some fobs come with the ability to remotely open and shut the doors of the car and to start the vehicle. Some fobs have buttons that open and close the windows. Some fobs let drivers summon their vehicle and then auto-park it.

The majority of these features require the key fob be in close proximity to a door latch to activate, but some can be activated by pressing the key fob’s buttons in quick succession. Fobs come with security measures that prevent their signals from being intercepted and copied. You might be able to purchase a replacement key fob from your manufacturer. However, this may cost you more than would have.

Renault also offers key cards that slot into the dash panel’s card reader. These cards emit a unique code which allows drivers to open doors and start engines. Your insurance company may assist in replacing keys that are lost. However, it won’t be deductible in your policy.

The Car Key People keep Renault keys and cards in stock, so we can cut and program a new Renault key for you in the same day as you contact us and save your time and money. We use laptop based software to communicate with your car’s computer to program in new key fobs. This is much quicker and more affordable than going via a Renault main dealer.

Remote Keys

Remote keys are keys with a remote control built into the head. They are beneficial because they provide an extra protection against theft from cars and burglaries. These keys are unique in serial number and the blade isn’t cut like the flat metal keys. They are also designed to function as a replacement for classic flat metal keys. These keys are harder to take, and are usually only used by car owners. They can be programmed by a dealer or a locksmith with an instrument to diagnose.

While some people think that keys fobs with transponder functions and transponder keys are the same thing, they’re not. Understanding the distinction between these two will make it easier to understand how they function. While a transponder key is used to unlock the car’s doors but it also serves to start the engine. It does this by directing the engine with a signal by a microchip within the key. The microchip can then determine the vehicle’s unique identifier and shut off the immobilizer.

It is important to remember that a dealer will only program a key fob if you have evidence of ownership or registration. This will prevent thieves from writing down the VIN to go to a local part department to program the key fob for another vehicle. Some online stores might offer the option of programming your key fob on your behalf however, they’ll likely require proof of ownership before delivering it to you.

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