Why Saab 9-3 Key Replacement Is The Right Choice For You?

How to Replace the Replacement Key Battery For the Saab 9-3

Saab owners must follow a set of steps that are unique to add an additional ignition key. It requires dealer service with an electronic handheld computer called Tech-2. Then a new car key and transponder must be purchased and programmed to the car.

It is a good idea to rotate your keys so that one doesn’t wear out faster than the other. This will also help to keep your keys in top shape.

Replacement Case

The new key fobs do not look like the older Saab keys. They feature electronic components that make them difficult to duplicate. That has made car theft significantly more difficult than it was twenty years ago. But, it has also made replacing lost keys a more costly endeavor.

Saab 9-3 owners must have two working keys. It costs a fortune to replace a lost key because it requires replacing the CIM module, as well as changing the locking cylinders. Dealers usually charge between $100-$200 to do this.

There are ways to cut down on these high costs. Some parts suppliers will use the code of an extra key to cut a brand new metal blade for less than the cost of the dealer. The key must be exactly the same as the original to allow it to function in your vehicle.

Follow these steps to replace the case. You will need a flathead screwdriver as well as some patience. With the screwdriver you can pull away the plastic and take out the emergency key. Once the case has been opened, remove all electronics and place them into your new case. Be sure to put the correct key and badge back inside the case, too.

Replacement Battery

The Saab 9-3 replacement battery is a low-cost part that can be quickly and easily replaced. This DIY video from YouTube Cyclone Cyd will show you how to replace the battery for the remote key fob in just four steps. This tutorial can be used with any modern Saab key fob. However, the process may differ slightly.

The button is normally located near the Saab logo on the back of the fob. This button is usually located on the back of the fob right next to the Saab Logo. Then, use a flathead screwdriver into the tiny hole in this button. This will allow you to open the case of the fob to allow you to replace the battery.

Once you have installed the CR1632 batteries, you can rebuild your remote key fob. new saab key can then program it into your car. The whole process should not exceed an hour. It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t require special tools.

If you lose a key the procedure will be more complicated however, it can be completed. The dealer will have to find the VIN number of the car and then purchase a replacement key blade and TWICE module, both with the exact unique code. After that, they’ll need to cut the replacement key and then program it with a brand new tool for programming called MDI.

Replacement Key Fob

The key fob is the device that locks and unlocks your car, it has an internal battery. Batteries are able to last for a short time and eventually die. This is a typical issue that happens with all cars and the good thing is that you can replace the batteries in many key fobs without replacing the entire case. Amazon sells replacement fobs with all the electronics in place. You can simply open the case and replace the batteries. It is important to note that you’ll have to take out the emergency key first, and you can accomplish this by inserting the screwdriver of a small flathead into the slot located in the middle of the case. The case will split once you rotate the screwdriver around it.

When you are ready to replace the keys, ensure that you have a spare, since this will cut down the total cost by a significant amount. If you have an additional key, you can request the dealer to cut it and program it for your vehicle. This is much cheaper than purchasing a brand new key fob.

It is possible to add a second key to your vehicle if you don’t already have one, but it will require an extensive amount of research and work. A second key can cost about a few hundred dollars and it requires programming of the car’s computer. This can be done by a professional, however it’s a costly choice for the majority of owners.

Replacement Ignition

The current SAAB 9-3 features a more sophisticated alarm system built on a keycode. This means that should you lose only one working key, replacing it with an additional one could be extremely expensive because the car needs to have a specific computer module installed, and it must also be programmed to accept a new key. Dealers can even charge hundreds of dollars to program an additional key even if they’re unable to complete the task.

If you’ve lost your only working key, a dealer will replace the computer in your car (known as the CIM or SAAB TWICE) in order to make the replacement, and will charge you the highest price for it. Instead we can reprogramme the EEPROM of your current car computer, preparing it for a new key, saving you over 50% of the amount you be charged at a dealership.

If you’ve owned a SAAB 9-3 quite a while you’re aware that the ignition keys aren’t very durable. They can become extremely sticky and the buttons can be ripped off at times, so you should consider replacing your ignition key if it isn’t functioning properly. Fortunately, replacing the ignition key isn’t as complicated as it seems, and it can be done quickly using the appropriate tools.

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