Now That You’ve Purchased Renault Card Key … Now What?

Renault Trafic Key Fob Review

Renault Trafic has a comfortable car-like driving experience and a good fuel economy. This updated 2023 model offers a number of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

The steering has a nice weighting and sensitivity, and was easy to operate in the van’s ‘parking gymkhana challenge (yours truly won in the process, by the way). Also, there is a “Panic button’ that could theoretically dissuade thieves from taking your car.

Hidden Physical Keys

Modern car key fobs have numerous useful features, like the ability to start and stopping the engine remotely. These functions that are hidden can be useful when you’re in a hurry or just need to get out of the rain. However, some of these hidden features could be employed by thieves to gain access to your vehicle.

The key fob emits radio frequency (RF) signals which are interpreted by a receiver in the vehicle. The receiver interprets these signals and decides whether the button was pressed to unlock the vehicle or start it.

When a new key fob is added to the system, it broadcasts its serial number and the current synchronization counter to the receiver in a special learning mode. The receiver saves this information in memory, and ends the learning mode. The key fob will use the decryption key that was previously saved as well as the synchronization counter in order to authenticate the signal when it is used again.

While this security measure has been effective in preventing the majority of attacks, it’s not completely foolproof. A sophisticated attack technique known as RollJam [17is able to convert this security measure into an attack. The attacker will need to obtain future codes that are released by the key fob to be successful, but once these are obtained they can be used for an attack replay and gain access to the vehicle.

The car is removed from the spot

Renault Trafic owners love the feature of being able to unlock their hatchback and trunk using the key fob. This is a great feature for those who have a large amount of party items or groceries in their possession and don’t want to take everything off to open the car.

This is also a smart method to stop thefts from occurring in the first instance. A simple press of the panic button will deter anyone who tries to steal your car or break into your home. It will also notify your neighbors. Also, if you’re driving and start to feel uneasy pressing the panic button will immediately notify nearby drivers that something is not right.

The key fob might be damaged through washing or dropping it. Other causes could be a malfunctioning key programmed, an immobilizer malfunction, and interference by other wireless devices operating at the same frequency. In the event of an immobilizer that is not working properly it is recommended that you consult an authorized mechanic or Renault dealership to troubleshoot the issue. It could be necessary to change the fuse or disconnect the battery for fifteen minutes in order to reset the module.

Sunroof Opener

Renault key fobs for traffic feature an opening sunroof mechanism that allows the opening and closing of your car’s sunroof. This is essential to maintain an ideal temperature while driving in the summer. renault clio spare key lets you open the sunroof to vent the car. This can help in air flow during a hot ride.

The sunroof can open and closed via the console switch on the driver’s side (left-hand drive) of the hatch area. The sunroof will be opened in a comfortable position or around 75% open. This is the typical operating position of most automobiles. Touch OPEN to open the sunroof completely, and CLOSE to close it.

If the sunroof doesn’t function properly, it could be a problem with the micro-switch between sunvisors. It can be pressed manually to control the sunroof drive motor long enough to measure the current of the motor with an ammeter. Letting the adjusting screw loosen will increase the torque of the slip clutch of the motor, and tightening it will reduce the torque. When the slip clutch is properly adjusted, apply a heavy force Loctite to the adjusting screw locknut.

Another issue that could hinder the sunroof’s ability to raise is a malfunctioning or misaligned Limit Switch 2. The lifting arms retract to the released position to be removed but not to the locked-open position. On 1985.5 and later vehicles the ignition switch has to be in the position of ACCESSORY (2) to operate the sunroof. The sunroof control console is pulled in the “A” direction to open, and in the “B” direction to close.


The Renault Trafic is a stylish vehicle with a few modern features. Cameron, who was driving the 2023 Renault Trafic in Sydney for the launch event, found it easy to operate. It was responsive to steering and felt heavy. It was also a breeze to park, even in the tight parking ‘gymkhana’, which saw yours truly reverse out of the ‘garage’ in a witches’ hat and into two other garages which is not good for a vehicle which only has three stars in safety ratings from Euro NCAP.

If you see a red warning light on your dashboard, which appears like two cars following each one with an exclamation point it could be because the adaptive cruise control system that is reporting an issue. The system makes use of radars and cameras to monitor traffic ahead and adjust your speed accordingly.

The yellow warning light, which looks like a car with swirls beneath it, indicates that the stability control is in place to prevent loss of traction. The audio alert should be heard and last only the duration of. As the system attempts to restore traction, the light will disappear. If it stays on for longer, you should consult the manual or seek expert assistance from an Renault dealership or mechanic as soon as possible.

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